Back/Fresh Start/Endtroduction

I'm back on my blogging shit again. Took care of alot of shit that I needed to and also created another blog in the process.

Yes, you read it correctly.

I've created another blog.

Spread the word.

Same shit, different url

I'm gonna leave this up for 2 weeks before I delete this blog.

So if you have me on your blogroll, my new blog is

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Cause its

Thanks and come thru and check the freshness @

Broken Pen "What It Is (You)

New Song from NJ's own Broken Pen produced by yours truely. This is coming from that Mind of Self Indulgence album. Its called "What It Is (You)".

Download link:

BTW, Broken Pen album entirely produced by me is coming Late 09. Its way ahead of its time. How do I know? We finished that shit last year around this time.

I wasn't fucking around last year and I'm not fucking around this year.

Check more of Broken Pen @

BRB: Getting My Shit Together

I wanted to post this as a vlog but it looks like I'm not gonna have time to do that.

Shit is getting realer and realer everday. I'm not just talking about the workplace, but life as a whole. The more I think about whats going on and certain situations in my life the more I begin to see where I'm fucking up at and what I need to start doing.

So I'm taking a while off from posting and actually using the internet to focus on more important things. I'm not sure if I'm slipping in school or not, but I'm not about to flunk this semester which is extremely important for how my life will possibly run for the rest of my collegic career.

As of today I have $457 to my name. I gotta start paying off some of my credit card bills so they can leave me the hell alone. Again, I'm not sure if I'm slipping in school but I got to get on the ball far as my studies go May is like 8 more weeks. I'd still like to go to Phoenix, but thats looking unlikely right now. I'd like to continue building my studio but thats looking unlikely as of now too.

I also got to find another job because I think my company is slowly going out of business as they are 5 million dollars in debt. I don't want to be assed out which would sucked because I just moved and at the end of the day I still got shit I got to pay for. Thank god I bought all of my furniture ahead of time!

So after I get all of this shit situated which hopefully will be in a couple of weeks (nothing too long), I'll have the ability to start posting more frequently. I may hit ya'll with Random Thoughts every now and then but again no major post until I come back.

I'm hoping to have a song or two record by the time I come back or at least a rough draft of something. So far "Inspired By Pain" is 30% complete. I'm still writing and tweaking some stuff. For the most part I only got 4 actually written (Everybody Hates A Winner, Spun Around, Jazz Before Bedtime, and Say Never).

Well I'm off to finish up this paper, do this presentation, and look for another job.

See ya in due time,
Malcolm Maximillion

Read The Book

I was talking to an older guy at work the other day and he basically told me that shit you want in life is like a book. You gotta read that book while you got it in your hand or you'll possibly never read it.

Thats all

Venting: Everyone Hates A Winner

I try to just keep this blog about music primarily. But sometimes, like this time, I can't lol.

I'll try to keep it short and sweet though.

Now, I have a supervisor at work, right. Me and him have no known problems with each other. What I mean by known problems is its not evident that we don't like each other, we just don't talk anymore.

He had an issue or two with a couple of my fellow employees before I came there. They would tell me "yo, he's a snake." and I'd shake it off like, "he hasn't done anything to me yet".

Until I noticed that he would do little shit when i would be engaging in a conversation with one of the employees he had a problem with. He'd always come out of nowhere and find a way to get me away from them.

He even went as far as to trying to segregate everyone so no one could talk at all.

So when I approached dude about it he said, "Thats just the way you took it, I didn't mean it that way.".

Then one day we had a meeting the topic was talking during work. He dropped my name and another employers name stating that we just hold long ass conversations and don't do anywork.


Now, for those of you that don't know, I work inside of a warehouse doing stock. We have a sheet that comes out everyday @ 6:45am that shows how many items everyone stocked on the previous workday. Guess who has the highest amount everyday.... You guess right, me!

That was the first strike on his part

Then another day, I was working in the big area with the heavy shit and one of the guys who work with the cables walked up to me and basically said he liked my work ethic. My supervisor was around at the time and he was trying to tell my supervisor that they could use me downstairs. I told him, "Nah, I'll stay up here". Dude was like "but yo, we'll give you a lil more money down there. You a good worker". And my supervisor chimes in with, "Yeah he's a good worker but been slipping lately, wrong crowd". So immediately after dude from the cable section left, I told him. I'm a grown man, I don't do crowds anymore. Also, that if he had a personal issue we could talk it out instead of lil slick talk back and forth.

That was strike two

So yesterday, I left early to get my cable and internet turned on. Before I left, my other supervisor, asked if I took a lunch. I told him no and he replied, "good". I came to work today only to find out, that the other supervisor told him he was gonna write me up if I took a lunch. But he wasn't gonna tell me! I was just gonna be walking around with a write up that I didn't know about.

Fucking Strike Three

Now people that know me know, I'm a peaceful dude at heart. If I can stop a conflict, I usually do but I'm now starting to think he has a personal issue with me. I broke it down and now I know why.

1.)I'm Sexier Than He Is- He has been at that company for like 5 years and I've been there 5 months, every woman that he's ever tried to get with, has tried to get with me. Plus, my waves stay spinning and now that I let my hair curl up, I can't keep the cougars off me.

2.)People Like Me For Me- This is obvious because when we were cool, I was the only person on the team that thought he was a cool dude. From what I hear at work out of 8 people at work 6 of them think I'm a cool dude and don't mind working with me.

3.)I'm Educated- He has his GED and planned on going to college to be a chef. But his vocab sucks. This motherfucker told one of his superiors that an employee was being "miscellaneous". Explain to me how can a person be miscellaneous. Don't worry, I look forward to seeing it in the comments section.

4.)I Have A Girl- He just got out of his 9 year relationship with his girl. Everytime I talk about mine he just goes "she might be sneaky". Haterade maybe?

5.)I Live With My Girl- He just can't fathom that. See what living with other men all your life will do to you.

6.)I Keep Turning Down Promotions- He doesn't like that I'm getting promoted but gets pissed when i turn them down. I'm sorry but I'm not doing cables cause it requires you to be outside for 5 hours. Besides if I go to cables, who will you hate on?

7.)Thats Just A Job To Me- Its his life, his career. Face it, nigga, you stuck there like a motherfucker. Me I'll probably be doing something more clerical orientated in the summer.

8.)Thats Just A Job To Me Pt.2- He knows whether its gonna be music or college, I'm gonna be successful and he's still gonna be him.

9.) I'm Young With Accomplishments- No one hates more than old men when they hear about young guys doing their thing. Sorry, but I know cash rules and I'm out to get mine. You gotta read the book while its on your mine or you'll forget. Figure it out.

10.) He's just a fucking hater

I know that this was a longer than usual post (took 20 minutes to write it) but I really had to get that off my chest. If I say something to him, I'll be in human resources (apparently he didn't like hearing I said he acts like a bitch). I guess he doesn't realize everyone hates a winner but no one loves a loser. I would wish pain on him but his life is already painful, he's already living in his own hell. Everytime I see him, I'm gonna just think to myself no one loves a loser. Besides he inspired a great verse for a song called "Everyone Hates A Winner". You can check the beat on my myspace page.

Check the instrumental for "Everyone Hates A Winner" here!

Random Thoughts But Not Really Random Thoughts Pt. 3

-Still no internet
-I'm at my parents house again
-I just did my fafsa
-I barely made the deadline
-If I didn't get my grant
-You won't be seeing me nexxt semester
-I'm looking for an excuse to take a year off lol
-Let me chill
-So they cut hours at work
-I was already taking an 8 hour cut
-Now its a 10.5 hour cut
-Fuck that
-So I started looking for a new job
-But they won't let me take my certifications with me
-The equipment ones
-Like the forklift, power jack, and etc
-I got a couple of them
-But I can't take em with me :(
-Ain't that a bitch?
-Meanwhile back at the ranch
-I still need shit for the apt
-Like a toaster
-With a bagel option in that shit
-You like bagels?
-I haven't had a bagel in a while
-I eat breakfast on my way to work
-Which is at 4:15am-5:30am
-Usually it consists of pop tarts
-Capri Sun
-And a couple of nutragrain bars
-I miss my cereal though
-Peace to Captain Crunch
-Speaking of cereal
-I just came over here and ate all of theirs
-I don't think they liked that
-My lil sister was mad as shit
-Thats on her though
-Cause I'll go home and eat my cereal tonight
-I hate 106 and Park
-No jokes after that shit
-I'm through
-They fucked up my mood
- :(
-*turns tv off*

Random Thoughts But Not Really Random Thoughts Pt 2

-So this no internet shit
-Not cool at all
-I get more time to make beats now
-Speaking of music
-The Black Sunn and 810 got a feature on 2dopeboyz
-Thats kind of a big deal
-Cause I am now certain that there is a way for us Baltimore artist to get looked at
-Shameless Plug: "Inspired By Pain" coming in December
-But in all seriousness
-I'm glad they got that shit
-They deserve it
-I'm next
-No, dead ass
-I remember when I met The Black Sunn
-We talked on some music shit
-One thing he said stuck to me
-"I write something everyday, gotta keep your sword sharp"
-Since then
-I've been writing everyday
-And making beats everyday
-I'm scared the Kanye comparisions are gonna come flying out
-Well we'll see
-So that new Joe Budden album
-Was kind of a a disappointment
-But I still fuck with Joe
-Dear Joe, holler at me if you need some heat!
-I really fucking love my axiom keyboard
-I touch it every day
-I'm planning on doing cribs
-Taking pictures
-and revamping my myspace
-Next week
-Anyone see my myspace lately?
-What you think?
-You like the quotes?
-Or should I get a regular layout like everyone else?
-Tell me what you feel, reveal your thoughts/
No games, I only play on fields made of force/
-I wrote those lines awhile ago, just wanted to type it
-Well off to look at some jobs

Not Random Thoughts But Random

-So the move was nice
-My apt is more space than I fucking need
-Its furnished too
-Yeah, I paid for that furniture a month ago
-That tv was heavy as hell
-It took 3 of us to lift that bitch
-My friend is homeless
-And that nigga has a cell phone
-With unlimited minutes and texts
-I can't make shit like that up
-E-Rich says with friends like me who needs enemies
-Obviously he does
-Just fucking around
-Hes gonna be a cool dad
-Speaking of dads
-I saw mine and he's all like I'm proud of you
-I said thanks and took my keyboard
-I love my axiom
-I sold my Boss
-Don't kill me $port
-If you saw the size of my "studio room"
-You'd be like I understand
-Cause I was about to run a mean ass hardware setup
-I blogged about it and everything
-I already wrote something for "Inspired By Pain"
-Its called "Say Never"
-I like it, like alot
-I wrote to "Jazz Before Bedtime" too
-When i record them, I'll post them
-Or twitter them
-Well off to finish my resume
-Maybe I'll do another one of these soon
-Cause I won't have internet for a week
-Damn you Comcast!!!!

Song of the Moment: Joe Budden "Exxxes"

I wanted to put this as song of the moment on the blog but its not on yet. I have no clue why I fuck with this song so much. I guess because of the deep meaning behind it. I really felt the need to share it though. Its like one of them things you listen to and must talk to someone about it. Its off of Padded Room. Feb. 24th people, don't play. Support Independent Hip Hop.

"She be calling my name....."

It's Not Just Me....

I typed up a blog the other day. That was just basically expressing my feelings about not wanting to continue my collegic education. it wasn't like I woke up and was like "fuck school". I felt like that after my last year.

Then it hit me.....

Switch majors, dumbass!

I still was kinda skeptical about my decision until I went to a "Major Decisions" meeting earlier today. We had a counsler talk to us in a group and she basically asked us to pick categories that we see ourselves in. I chose Artistic, Enterprising, and Investigative. When we got to talking about our choices, she says to me, "Why are you in I.T.?" and I could only respond with, "I dunno, I was thinking about going back to entrepreneurship".

Shes like the fifth person to tell me that this year. I was talking to my friend the other night and he goes, "I'm surprised your ass didn't go to school for music".

I had a talk with another friend yesterday and it made me realize something. Students are going for security rather than really pursuing their interests. My main thing was, "I want to make a lot of money", "I'll always have a job doing something with computers", and my favorite "Its easy". While all of thee above is true. I don't feel like I was made to do that. So I'm going back to my first plan which is to start a production company, which I was doing this year anyway.

They also made me realize, I need to get on my shit again. Like deadlines and all that other shit, I need to get back on point. I've been slacking and I can tell.

So my plans right now is to type up a "To Do" list and post it on this blog to remind myself of shit I need to do. I'm gonna make one for the month and hopefully, I can report back that I actually did everything on the list.--